Welcome to tcl.prehiti.net, the home of a number of helpful, portable applications and utilities created with Tcl/Tk.  Among these applications are productivity apps, software development tools and image management utilities.  Additionally, a number of libraries written to support these applications are included and available for integration in other applications.

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Requirements Installation License prehiti.net


Click on the individual application links below to learn more about them.
Development Tools
mcvs.tcl A graphical front-end for CVS
mc3.tcl A wizard for creating new C++ classes
tclsed.tcl A recursive search/replace tool
Image Tools
pv.tcl An image browsing utility similar to XV
pvsort.tcl An image sorting utility
pvconv.tcl An image conversion utility
pvindex.tcl A tool for generating web indices from collections of images
pvthumbs.tcl A tool for generating thumbnails for collections of images
deinterlace.tcl A tool for de-interlacing images captured from video
Productivity Tools
popit.tcl   Polls multiple POP3 accounts and sends notification of new mail to a single email address (to a cell phone for instance)
tkbabel.tcl A graphical front-end to AltaVista's babel engine... very fun
tkpim.tcl A database-driven, auto hyper-linked note-keeping application
tkget.tcl A graphical front-end for wget
tkget2.tcl A new, improved graphical front-end for wget
Administrative Tools
pld.tcl   A utility for generating a web log of  "ping" performance to a certain host
plp.tcl A utility for parsing the output of pld.tcl to get additional performance stats
plg.tcl A utility that shows "real-time" ping statistics for a host in a cute, color-coded graph.
tkweblog.tcl A utility for parsing and querying Apache HTTP server logs.
libraries Learn more about the libraries we wrote to power the tcl.prehiti.net applications and tools.  This includes a tree widget, multi-column list view widget and a set of procedures that make building Tk applications even easier.


Ok... this isn't that complicated... but it's really important.

You need:


Go to the tcl.prehiti.net project page at sourceforge.net to get the latest version of the software from CVS.


  1. Install Tcl/Tk 8.2 or above.
  2. Install IncrTcl 3.1 or above.
  3. Install the Image Extension.
  4. Put the  tcl.prehiti.net software somewhere.

  5. Problems?

      Try running one of the tcl.prehiti.net apps.  Running mcvs.tcl and pv.tcl will shake out most of the installation issues.  If these apps fail to run they will most likely indicate that a particular package cannot be found.  If one of the tcl.prehiti.net libraries cannot be found, then make sure you did step 4 above correctly.  If IncrTcl or the Image Extension fail to load make sure they installed into the same location as Tcl/Tk or add more directories to your TCLLIBPATH to reflect their locations.  Note, directory names in the TCLLIBPATH variable should be seperated by spaces.


The tcl.prehiti.net applications and libraries are hosted here by .  Feel free to become one of the contributors or leave support requests.


The tcl.prehiti.net software uses the zlib/libpng license.

Contact Info
Step 1 Consult the Tcl FAQ, the Windows TCL FAQ (if appropriate) and search on comp.lang.tcl for any questions you might have.
Step 2 Email me if you have a question not answered in step 1, or go submit a support request on the tcl.prehiti.net SourceForge page.