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pvsort.tcl is an image sorting application.  It makes it easy to transfer files from one location to another (on the local and mounted file systems at least).  It shows thumbnails of images in both the sort-from and sort-to locations.  It also allows for the creation and renaming of directories.

Screen Shots

The Main Window.


The basic flow when using pvsort.tcl is something like this: That's the basics.  Additionally, there are a number of other things you can do with pvsort.tcl.

Command Line Args

pvsort.tcl currently accepts no command line arguments.

Key Bindings

<Double-Escape> Exit
<Return> Move image from "from" to "to" location
<Del> Delete image (no undo)
<Button-1> Display image/change directory in Thumbnail View
<Button-3> Display image on directory thumbnail in Thumbnail View
<F1> Select current thumbnail (same as <Button-1>)
<F2> Show full-size image from "to" directory thumbnail
<F5> Refresh
<Control-n> New directory in "to" Directory View
<Control-r> Rename selected directory in "to" Directory View


Todo List