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tkpim.tcl is a database driven, client/server personal information manager.  Another way of looking at it is that tkpim.tcl is an auto-hyper-linking sticky note program with a client/server architecture.

The basic idea is that you add notes to the database, and as you see fit you select text strings to be topics.  When a topic is created, all notes are indexed and any note having the selected text is now available under that topic.  A note can be a member of any number of topics, and the number of topics is also practically unlimited.

All of the notes are stored in a central server that can be accessed by any number of remote clients.

Screen Shots

The Options Dialog.
The Main Window
A Topic Window
A Note Window


The first thing you need to do to use tkpim.tcl is run the server.  Then you launch the client and connect to the server.  The server and client are actually the same app (tkpim.tcl), they are just run with different modes.
The Server

To run the server:

The Client

To run the client:

The Main Window

Now that the client is running you can do the following from the Main Window:

The Topic Window

When a topic is double clicked in the main view, or a topic link is selected in a note a Topic Window will be displayed.  This window displays the first line of every note indexed by the topic.  You can do the following in this window:

The Note Window

When a note is displayed you can do the following:

Command Line Args

Many of the options in the Option and Login Dialogs are settable through command line options:
-server       0|1 toggle server mode
-file            <file name> set name of database file to load
-port          <number> set port number to run on
-host          <host name> set host to connect to
-autoSave <minutes> set autosave for server
-login         <name> set login name
-passwd    <password> set passwd
-gui             0|1 toggle run with or without gui
-keepAlive <minutes> set keepAlive time for client
-echo          0|1 toggle debugging output

Key Bindings

Main Window
<Double-Escape> Exit
<Control-n> New Note
<Control-r> Refresh Topics
<Control-l> Open Login Dialog
<Double-Button-1>, <Space>, <Return> Open Selected Topic
Topic Window
<Double-Escape> Close Topic Window
<Control-r> Refresh Topics
<Control-d> Delete Topic
<Double-Button-1>, <Space>, <Return> Open Selected Note
Note Window
<Double-Escape> Close Note Window
<F1> New Topic (from selected text)
<Control-s> Save Note
<Control-r> Refresh Note
<Control-d> Delete Note
<Button-1> Open Topic from Linked Text
<Button-3> Word Wrapping Context Menu in Text Widget


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