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tkweblog.tcl is a web log analysis tool.  It can parse and query a number of Apache compliant log formats.

Screen Shots

The Main Window


Using tkweblog.tcl is generally a 5 step process represented by the 5 widgets presented at the top of the main window:
Select log type Using the option menu in the top right part of the main window, select the log type you intend to parse.  The formats currently supported are:
  • common
  • referer
  • agent
  • combined
Select File Select the log file you would like to parse.
Parse Parse the selected file.
Lookup Hosts If your log files only log host IPs, this will exec nslookup to resolve host addresses.
Search Enter a search query and click the search button to perform the search.
The most complex part of this tool is the search expression syntax that is enterred in the search entry.  Clicking on the button with the "?" will post a window explaining usage of the search expression and also some examples.  In general, the search expression is evaluated as the expression of a TCL conditional statement.  So, it can essentally accept any legal TCL code.

Command Line Args

There are currently no command line arguments.

Key Bindings

<Double-Escape> Exit
<Control-O> Select File
<Control-P> Parse File
<Control-L> Lookup Hosts
<Enter> In search entry will cause search to be executed.
<F1> Will cause search to be executed.


Todo List