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deinterlace.tcl is a dual-mode app (command line and graphical) that can deinterlace images grabbed from video.  Currently deinterlace.tcl only does line doubling.  In graphical mode it will allow you to switch between the normal, even and odd views of the image and choose which to write out.  In batch mode, both odd and even fields will be written out.

Screen Shots

deinterlace.tcl doesn't really deserve a screenshot right now.


If invoked with one command line argument deinterlace.tcl will run in graphical mode.  In this mode, you will see the image you are attempting to deinterlace.  Right now there isn't any meaningful user interface except for key bindings, so check out that section for how to use the graphical mode.

When invoked with the "-batch" flag, deinterlace.tcl will operate in batch mode.  No kidding.  In this mode it will deinterlace all files listed on the command line after the "-batch" flag.  It will write output files for both the odd and even fields.

Command Line Args

<file name> deinterlace one file in graphical mode
-batch <file name>... deinterlace all listed files in batch mode

Key Bindings

<Double-Escape> Exit
<Control-s> Save image
<Left> Show even field
<Right> Show odd field
<Down> Show original image


Todo List