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The libraries are a group of reusable procedures and classes to aid in the rapid development of applications, tools and utilities.  The libraries facilitate development including simple networking, simple widget layout, tree, tab-based container and multi-column list-view widgets and image utilties.

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Click on the individual library links below to learn more about them.
tclx.tsh Usefull tcl commands
tkx.tshl Usefull tk-related tcl commands including a simple debugging output window
itcl.tsh Usefull itcl initialization and commands
itk.tsh Usefull itk initialization
nwidg.tcl Helps in creating simple, maintainable GUIs
tkpipe.tcl A text widget that automatically highlights text as it is inserted based on regular expression matches
ootree.tcl A widget for displaying information in a tree
oodir.tcl A widget that displays a directory tree using the ootree.tcl widget
oolist.tcl A multi-column list-view widget
oofiles.tcl A widget that displays files in a directory using the oolist.tcl widget
tabdialog.tcl A container that manages tab widget layout
oohelp.tcl A library for easily adding pop-up help (tooltips) to widgets
scrolled.tcl Mega-widgets for text and canvas widgets with scrollbars
ooctag.tcl Class for allowing canvas tags to be treated as stand-alone objects
pvimg.tcl A set of classes for displaying images and also for creating and displaying image thumbnails
pvimgs.tcl A framework for skinning applications
mchan.tsh A library for doing simple object-oriented network message passing
base64.tsh A pure-tcl implementation of base64 encoding/decoding
uuid.tsh A library for generating Universally Unique IDs
set.tsh An STL-like set class


See the requirements on the main page for requirement info.


See the installation notes on the main page for info about installing these libraries.

Todo List

  • Finish web pages for tcl libraries (yes, these pages).