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mc3.tcl is a class wizard.  It makes the creation of a new C++ class easier and helps ensure that new classes subscribe to a certain coding convention.  Of course, you might not like the coding convention it uses, but we like it.  BTW, mc3.tcl is short for "make class 3".  The 3 is the version number.  Go figure.

Screen Shots

The Main Window


mc3.tcl is pretty straighforward.  Changing the text in the entries at the top of the main window will change the code produced in the lower text windows.  Their is pop-up help available for each one of the entries if you leave the mouse over their descriptions for a second or two.

Note, the output windows at the bottom of the main window allow editing, but editing them by hand will have no effect on the files written out by mc3.tcl.

Command Line Args

There are a number of command line args that generally correspond to the entry fields at the top of the main window.
-class set the class name
-parents set the parent list
-ns set the namespace
-pre set the file prefix
-api set the api declspec macro
-apiinc set a default file to be included
-template set the template args
-interface set the interface mode flag [0|1]
-dir set the output directory
-show show the bottom output panes [0|1]

Key Bindings

<Double-Escape> Exit
<F1>  Write the class to disk
<Return> or <Tab> In an entry will force update of output


Todo List