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plp.tcl is an analyzer for the output of pld.tcl.  It's not too glamorous... just lists some more interesting info about the uptime of a particular connection.

Screen Shots

There is no graphical user interface for plp.tcl, but you can view a sample of its output here.


There is no graphical user interface for plp.tcl, the good stuff is an in the command line argument section.

plp.tcl will analyze the output images from pld.tcl and output an html file with additional statistics about the status of a network connection.

Command Line Args

The arguments must be in the following format:
plp.tcl <output html file> <img file>...
<output html file> The html file to be written
<img file>... One or more pld.tcl image files

Typically, plp.tcl will be invoked from the same directory as the html output of pld.tcl with the following arguments:

> plp.tcl plp.html .img/*

Key Bindings

There are no key bindings for pld.tcl.


Todo List