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pv.tcl is a simple image browser.  It generates and displays thumbnails of images in a directory and allows for viewing of the full-size image when the thumbnail is selected.  In many ways, pv.tcl is very similar to the visual schnauzer from XV.

Screen Shots

The Main Window.


Just select a directory in the Directory View, and the thumbnails for images in that directory will be displayed in the Thumbnail View.  Clicking on a thumbnail will show the full-size image.  Clicking on a directory in the Thumbnail View will make that directory be the current directory for pv.tcl.

pv.tcl will show a directory thumbnail if one is available.  For instance, assume directory /tmp is the active directory, and it contains a directory /tmp/blah.  If directory /tmp/blah contains any images, the thumbnail for the first image in the directory will be shown in the Thumbnail View for /tmp/blah.  You can view the full-size image for a directory thumbnail by clicking on it with the right mouse button.

Command Line Args

pv.tcl currently accepts no command line arguments.

Key Bindings

<Double-Escape> Exit
<F5> Refresh
<arrow keys> Navigate in Directory View
<Button-1> Select thumbnail in Thumbnail View
<Button-1> Select directory in Directory View
<Button-3> View directory thumbnail in Thumbnail View
<Mouse-Wheel> Change selected thumbnail in Thumbnail View


Todo List