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pvindex.tcl is a command line tool for creating html thumbnail indices from directories of images.

You can customize the output of pvindex.tcl on a directory or directory tree basis by giving it template html files to work from.  It can build single-page indices, frame based indices with either vertical or horizontal layout and it can also create a page for each image to be viewed in.

Screen Shots

This is a command line tool, but you can see an example of pvindex.tcl here.


The most imortant aspects of pvindex.tcl can be controlled through command line args and by providing template html files.  We will discuss the template html files in this section.

pvindex.tcl will use the following files as templates if they exist in the current working directory.  Additionally, if you are using pvindex.tcl in recursive mode, it will allow any of these files in sub-directories to override the ones in the current working directory.  See the note in the todo section about limitations of the override mechanism.

The files that can effect the operation of pvindex.tcl:

pvindex.html This file is used as a template for the thumbnail view of the images
pvempty.html This file is used as the blank page that is part of the initial frame layout if you are using frames
pvimage.html This file is used as a template for the page used to embed the full-size images

In the absense of any of these files, pvindex.tcl will use the simple html it has embedded in it to generate the output.  This might not give you the results you want.

Each file has a number of text strings that are used for substitutions by pvindex.tcl.
pvTitle substituted with the title of the page... usually the directory's tail
pvDir substituted with the directory name... usually the directory's tail
pvDirs substituted with the list of directories in this directory... will also include the parent directory... will also use thumbnails for the directory if it contains images
pvTable substituted with the thumbnails for the images in the directory
pvFooter substituted with a little note about when and how the page was generated... not too ugly... you'll leave this in if you're a nice person

pvDir substituted with the name of the directory... usually it's tail

pvImg substituted with the full-size image to be displayed

Command Line Args

-r    0|1 toggle recursive mode (default 0)
-o   0|1 toggle overwrite mode (default 0)
-d   0|1 show dirs in thumbnail view (default 1)
-f    h|v do frames (horizontal or vertical) (default no frames)
-c   <number> default number of columns (doesn't do anything right now) (default n/a)
-i    0|1 create image pages (using pvimage.html) (default 0)

Key Bindings

This is a command line tool and has no key bindings.


Todo List