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pvthumbs.tcl is a glorified command line app that will generate thumbnail images for directory trees with images.  It produces thumbnails for use with pv.tcl, pvsort.tcl and pvindex.tcl... and allows them to operate faster if the thumbnails are pregenerated.

This can be run periodically to make sure all thumbnails are up to date.  pvthumbs.tcl and all of the pv image tools will regenerate a thumbnail if the main image has a more recent modified date.

For kicks, and because it requires an X-server to run anyway... it shows the thumbnail it is currently working on in a tiny little window.

Screen Shots

This app doesn't really deserve a screenshot. :)


pvthumbs.tcl is a command line app... with very few options.

Command Line Args

-rec    0|1 toggle recursive mode (default is 1)
-force 0|1 toggle overwriting of thumbnails... currently unimplemented (default is 0)
-dir     <directory name> start in specified directory (default is ".")

Key Bindings

<Double-Escape> Exit


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